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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know your ‘hows’, ‘whats’, ‘whens’, and ‘whys’ – Hear from the experts

The Freelancers Company is a secure and convenient marketplace for freelancers (sellers) and clients
(buyers) around the world. You can use the freelance platform to hire freelancers online who have the
expertise to efficiently complete any job given, be it a short-term task or a long-term project. Moreover,
this freelance platform gives freelancers the exposure and opportunities to excel their careers.

Hire a freelancer right away with the following steps:

  • Create a buyer account on The Freelancers Company
  • Browse the freelancers page and search for freelancers offering the similar service as you
  • Click the freelancer’s username to visit their profile page.
  • Click on the Hire button and fill our short form to offer and discuss your project.

The Freelancers Company does not directly provide you work. However, it is a leading marketplace for
freelancers where you can list your skills and swiftly secure a job from clients globally. On this freelance
platform, you get more opportunities to connect with companies hiring freelancers online, thus
assisting you to find a job for your skills easily.

You can deposit money to your The Freelancers Company account using Credit Card, PayPal, Skrill, or
Bank Deposit.
To deposit the credit, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your already registered account.
  • Click on your profile photo thumbnail, and select Deposit Funds.
  • Select the payment method you will use for deposit.
  • Select the currency of the funds you wish to deposit. (Currency availability varies based on
    payment method.)
  • Enter the deposit amount.
  • Click Confirm.

To deactivate your account, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your already registered account.
  • Click on your profile photo on your profile Dashboard.
  • Select User Settings and click on the ‘Account’ option.
  • Click on ‘Close My Account’ option.
  • Submit the reason for account deactivation.
  • Then click on ‘Close My Account’ option.

Please note: It is mandatory for you to state a valid reason for closing your account.
Deactivation of your accounts will subject to:

  •  Not having any pending listings on the site
  • Resolving any pending matters (such as a suspension or restriction on your account)
  • Paying any unresolved fees owed on the account