The Freelancers Company does not automatically refund payments for cancelled orders back to your original payment method. Funds from cancelled orders are returned to the Buyer’s account balance on The Freelancers Company platform and can be used for future purchases.

 Refunds from the Buyer’s account balance (i.e., refunds directly to your original payment method) can be requested from the billing page. The refund will be processed based on your payment method(s), amount, and currency. To prevent fraud and abuse, we limit the number of times users can request a refund using their original payment method. These requests are subject to review by our Customer Support team and may incur an additional fee.

Sellers may offer a partial refund for a specific order to the Buyer. Upon the Buyer’s acceptance of the partial refund, the amount will be automatically refunded to the Buyer’s original payment method. If we are unable to refund the agreed amount to the Buyer’s original payment method, the amount will be added to the Buyer’s account balance on The Freelancers Company platform.

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